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Avon Distillery Collection Review

When AVON published information about a new cosmetic sub-brand called Distillery, imagine how happy I was! I love healthier and more “clean” variants of cosmetics, so I immediately had to try everything they had on offer! Whether it was skincare or decorative cosmetics. Today, you can read an uncompromising review, thanks to which you will find out whether it is worth buying something from this line or not.

Distillery Clean Break Cleanser
Oil cleansing balms are one of my favourite skincare products. Actually – double cleansing in the form of oil and gel cleaner is my most used type of removing make-up. Since I started practicing it, my enlarged and clogged pores are slowly becoming a memory. This cleansing skin balm contains apricot and mango oil, combined with cocoa butter. It´s applied to dry skin, where it turns into oil and then you just wash it away with warm water and a towel. I get used to massage it onto my skin for a few minutes – it’s a great form of relaxation after a long day. I found it extremely effective also for removing waterproof mascara or glitters (which are really hard to clean off, usually).

Distillery Purify Facial Oil
I am a really good friend with skin oils, even when I have oily skin. I feel that they hydrate and beautify my skin a little more than commonly available creams (except for the natural ones, I absolutely love them). Honestly, I don’t really like the ingredients of this oil, as only the most interesting oil it contains is jojoba oil, but it fulfilled its purpose and the skin feels more nourished after it. However, I much prefer to use it instead of my hand cream,  because of the ingredients like sunflower and corn oil,.. because of it, I always had the feeling that I was putting cooking oil on my face. Ewww.

Distillery Vitamin C Shot Powder
Thanks to this product with pure vitamins C and E, I felt like a scientist in the laboratory – every single day when I mixed it together with cream or skin oil. In about 3 weeks, my skin was more radiant, but due to the anxiety medication, I developed “acne”, so I switched to using niacinamide twice a day instead. C was completely unnecessary, as their properties are negated when used together.